Joey Hazlett
Covina, California
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January, 2018
I am proficient in a large swath of IT related work, from development to administration of systems and servers. I am capable of setting up extensive networks and computer systems. I have developed many internal web-based intranet applications to increase office productivity for small to medium teams. I also like to work with my hands to build things, sometimes useful, sometimes just for fun.
Professional Experience
Systems Programming Specialist, AISO, Pomona College
Claremont, CA - 2014-Present
My primary duty at Pomona College is to implement security and system updates for the Jenzabar CX SIS software for the entire Claremont College Consortium (7Cs). I work with the IT staffs of each of the colleges to ensure the systems are fully functional after merging custom modifications to the software during system updates. I actively develop and maintain internal scripts and web applications to increase the efficiency of our small team of IT staff. Security and system monitoring are important portions of my current role.
  • Completed electronic transcript interface implementation for each of the colleges within the 5Cs.
  • Developed a secure internal web application to manage contacts, licenses, contracts, procedures, and user accounts.
IT Engineer, Future Concepts IS, Inc.
San Dimas, CA - 2002-2014
At Future Concepts my job covered many facets of the IT realm, including but not limited to both local and wide area network management, system building and integration, internal software development, operating system configuration and implementation, and many more specific tasks.
  • Helped design, build, and maintain a mobile fleet of networked public safety Command Vehicles and Operations Centers, both mobile and static.
  • Developed integrated mission critical intranet applications for Time Tracking, Work Orders, HR Management tasks, Inventory Management, Contract Management, Purchase Requests and Ordering, and more.
  • Designed and implemented a network and systems monitoring suite to prevent outages and disruptions to internal and external networks.
Personal Experience
Software Development, HazteK Software
HazteK Software is a hobby site where I post simple desktop utilities that I have developed for my own personal use, but others seem to want. I see an average of about 3000 downloads per week and provide web support via email or through my comments section for people from all over the world.
Notable Applications
  • StorURL - A browser-agnostic bookmark manager
  • TrueIP - A desktop IP change notification utility
  • SMTP Mail Sender - A windows tool for sending emails via scripts
Skill Overview
  • Development using PHP, MySQL, C#, VB.NET, Visual Studio, MS SQL, Bash
  • Embedded operating system development, Windows Embedded 2009 (XP) and Windows Embedded Standard 7, as well as read-only Linux based systems.
  • Networking: Cisco switch and router management, Linux routing, OpenVPN
  • Client management, including Windows 98 through Windows 10.
  • Server management, including Windows NT through 2016, GNU/Linux: Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, embedded
  • Graphics creation in Photoshop and InkScape.
  • Jenzabar CX system administration. SMO updates.
  • Clustered Sakai Learning Management system administration.
  • Wordpress management, development, customization
  • Azure Site Recovery configuration and management